We now return to our regularly scheduled programming

aaaaand we're BACK.  again.  its been about a month since my last post,  and in addition to busting out some un-photographed, yet bomb outfits (she says modestly),  a ton of other crap has happened in that time:  1) the purchase of a new computer!  2) new shoes from target!  c) halloween!  d) job quitting  aaaand 5) chris left me for a week at thanksgiving, but his handsome, charming, thoughtful ass brought me home rhinestones from the 40's!!  we love him...

so, as you can see,  all in all it has been quite an uneventful month.   however, i've been keeping track of some fun ideas for this little space and now that i have a ton of free time, new shoes and a new computer, yours truly promises to dedicate herself to more frequent posting!


Melina said...

Yay for posting again! I'm loving those patterned tights and that cowl is amazingg! Super cute outfit. More please!! :)

xx Melina

The Fashionista Next Door said...

Yay! Welcome back...and WOAH!!! uneventful my ass! LOL

Can't wait to see these new shoes, and read posts written on your new computer...and let's not forget those vintage rhinestones. Pics please!

Eboni Ife'

Eboni Ife'