that nyc skyline is to die for, right?  these were taken from the roof over at cheap storage.  this is also the view they see from their living room window, the bastards.

also - take note of the hemline on this little dress...i say its fur, but we all know its extra shag carpet ripped up from someones crazy aunt donnas house, dyed black.    i know - i love it too.  i bought it to wear on my last day of work about 3 weeks ago.  i had wanted to wear head to toe sequins but settled for a bit of fur instead.  it's so jazzy!  and the material of the dress makes it easy to dress up for a party-party or dress down for a jaunt around town.


Nimue said...

Such a cute dress! and I love that necklace of your grandma ;)


Ashleigh Nicole said...

Love the dress!

xo Ashleigh


pinkmate said...

lovely outfit! love the hair as well!



Ciara Baron said...

I love this look!
Especially the necklace and the hair.