{jeans:  uniqlo  I  denim:  h&m  I  cardigan:  grandma  I  boots:  miz mooz  I  bag & scarf:  thrift}

I'm sitting here on my bed thinking of something to say to you as bacall pants like crazy right in my face.   its driving me bonkers.  i don't know why she doesn't just get up and go get some water or something.  seriously you guys,  i'm literally bouncing up and down from her heavy breathing.  at first it was kind of cute cause she was looking right at me and her cute little tongue was hanging out, but honestly at this point its like chinese water torture.  i might have to kick her off the bed.  but that would be mean so I'm just join to sit here and give her dirty looks.

and THATS how you do passive aggressive.  

....and a simple blog post for a semi-simple outfit...



Um, that last photo is kind of blowing my mind. Way to look good and make love to the moon. ;)

The Daily Fashionista said...

Oh, I love that last photo!! Such a fantastic photo trick!!