{dress & sweater:  h&m  I  cutoffs: gap  I  shoes:  target  I  tights:  dunno  I  coat:  urban outfitters}

this was a weird outfit and i truly believe i fell victim to my mirror.  as i was getting ready it was all "yeah girl - that looks so good, oh yeah, there you go - add that black tie - cute!  and those patterned tights, yup.  love em.  good job  now you're totally ready to go.  and then i go to hang out with zach and he was all awesome and totally drove us to this location he scouted out to take pictures and it was raining and a train went by and the fun was almost literally endless.  then i looked at the pictures and punched my mirror in the throat.   ah well.  we'll get them next time.  


samecookiesdifferent said...

lovely look- we especially like the fur collar and the tights!
xx the cookies
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Ciara Baron said...

The shoes are lovely!

Cammila Albertson said...

Pshh, girl. You look too cute and you know it.