{trench:  gap  I  flannel:  romeo & juliet  I  gingham:  jcrew  I  wedges:  target  I  gloves:  daffys}

you have have chris to thank for the title of this post.  i think my jibber jabbering about color blocking the past year or so stuck.  we also have a little restaurant in north carolina to thank for stealing my favorite gloves.   I'm really sad you guys.  they didn't really fit my hands but they were velvet and leopard.  leopard velvet.  LEOPARD VELVET.    sigh.   and finally, we have santa to thank for my new bamboo tablet.  exciting!!   now i can draw on stuff.  

ps.  sorry for the lack of posts - chris and i drove from nyc to texas last week - and i have been in california the past few days.   however - ive taken one or two photos to share, so stay tuned for that.  

oh, and a merry late holidays to you.  

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Nikki | The Ginger Diaries said...

My goodness those gloves are totally awesome! x