{jacket:  moms  I  jeans:  uniqlo  I  top:  target  I  pumps:  stuart weitzman, gift  I  shades:  target}

when i was home for christmas last week i went through my moms closet as shes usually good for a few basic pieces to supplement my wardrobe.  anyway,  as i was following my yearly ritual, i found an old treasure:  her silver MPD jacket.  (mobility products & design)

i immediately snatched it off the hanger and pressed it to my face.  ah, my favorite smell - machine shop - still present after all these years.  style note:  when i was really little, she would pair this silver racing jacket with a white t, some old jeans and her cowboy boots.  so cute!

but it's the smell of this jacket that always gets me.  she wore it to "the shop" everyday, and when she'd finally get home and hug me, i'd squeeze her waist tight and breathe in the oil and aluminum.  and i loved it.   she'll scrunch her nose up when i tell her how much i love the scent - but there's nothing better to this daughter than her mother.   even if she does smell like a racecar.  

plus, it's bad ass, no?

anyway, my mom started working at the shop from about 17 up until a few years ago when they sold the company, so shes not willing to part with the jacket yet.  but when she is - me and my nose call dibs.

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Melina said...

I so wish my mother held onto things that I could then steal from her! That jacket is amazing! It kind of reminds me of the silver scorpion one Ryan Gosling wore in Drive... except better because it has all the sentimental value behind it. It will be such an awesome piece to wear in the future and then pass down!

xx Melina