{  trench:  gap  I  sweater & heels:  h&m  I  jeans & hat:  uniqlo  I  bag: street  }  

so i KNOW you guys saw THIS already so i'm not even going to try and pretend like i was creative enough to come up with the idea.  maybe someday....  but anyway, how great is it?  i love the neckline i get from the back of the sweater and lovely deep V at the back is unexpectedly sassy.   high five Krystal!  yeah man.  

i'm working on ideas for my christmas card this year.  here is what bacall and i did last time.  this year i think chris might agree to go in on it with me so i'm SCOURING pinterest and the inter webs for ideas i can steal from other people.  send any and all fun ideas my way!!

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Jazmine Jade said...

Oh yes I love that sweater!!!!