{top & sweater:  h&m  I  pants:  jcrew  I  flats: target  I  necklace: jenaveve's  }

happy sunday!  i hope you got to bed nice and late last night and are fully hung this morning! (not hung in the naughty way, but as an auntie mame reference.  naturally).    

anyhow - these are my new hot pink target flats - how do you like them?   me too except that as soon as my grandmother reads this she will send me an email telling me they are too small for my feet.  thats right - somehow the woman can tell these things straight off... AND email because she's a wiz on the computer.  and scanner.  and cell phone.  AND facebook.   someone make that woman an IT manager, stat.   anyway, she'll send me an email saying...beautiful outfit katie, but those shoes are too small for your feet.  and unfortunately any excuse i give like...having a high arch, won't fool her one bit.  except...that she'll be right.  they are too small.  and they hurt.   a lot.  but as always i'll wear them anyway and i'll get blisters and cuts and have to wear bandaids.  and i'll have no one to blame but myself.  and the fact that target doesn't sell shoes in half sizes.  

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