Thurs, July 8: < Insert Something Witty Here >

Dress: New York & Co  I  Altered Jean Vest:  GAP  I  Shoes:  Aldo  I  Jewles:  Gifted
Photos: Carolyn Bayas  I  Location:  55th & 2nd Ave Parking Garage 

What does that even mean?  GNIKRAP?

These earrings are the isht.

I am obviously having way too much fun with picnik. I should definitely become their official sponsor. Well…once I figure out what the other options (BESIDES 1960's fade and black and white)  are.

Anyway – I got rained on this morning.  But that was AFTER waiting on the L for 30 minutes because someone pulled the E break and then on the platform for the 6 for 20 minutes because God knows why.  So needless to say, I was super late for work.
I SHOULDA just drove my Trans Am in.  Which brings me to this jean vest.  How much are you loving it?!  I made it myself last night.   You can make one too:

Step 1: get REALLY hot in your apartment.
Step 2: start pouting and moaning while looking through your closet for something cool to wear
Step 3: angrily grab the first jacket you see.
Step 4: grab scissors and take out your frustrated, sticky, hotness on the sleeves.
Step 5: chug a beer in your brand new jean vest and feel better instantly. Though, you’ll probably still be sticky.

So anyway-  jean vests always make me think of: muscle cars from the 70s/80's (hence the Trans Am), Marlboro Reds, American Flags and like…Motely Crue.  And, though I wasn’t physically present during this era, with actual experience to draw on, I HAVE watched a lot of tv.  So, you know.


Fashion Butter said...

Okay I am totally digging your style, girl! Thanks so much for entering my giveaway and I just added ya to my bloglovin. XX

Wardrobe Wars said...

Great pictures - we love the ones with the mix of black and white and colour.
Welcom to IFB - that's where we found your blog.
Greetings from Ireland
xoxo - take a look, we'd really love your feedback - follow if you like what you see!

Sara Louise said...

haha i love picnik too
this dress is cool

Fancy Pants said...

Thanks you guys! Wardrobe Wars & Sara Louise - have added you to follow!

<3, K