Fri, July 9: Flowers For Sale Only!

 Top:  Altered mens Hanes  I  Skirt:  Banana Republic  I  Belt:  H&M  I  Shades:  H&M  I  Earrings:  Payless  I  Head Scarf:  Thrifted  I  Shoes:  Target
Photos:  Carolyn Bayas  I  Location:  Deli on 56th & 2nd - never to be patroned again

I kinda dig the overexposed look of these two.  Makes my whites bright!
Ok, fun story.  So we stopped at this deli's flower stand to take pictures cause the flowers were, you know, visually pleasing.  And it was shaded.  No harm, no foul.  Right?  Well, tell that to the little Chinese man that works there.   This trio of photos vaugely demonstrates :

Picture One:  Just standin here, smellin flowers for the camera, la la la, pretend snif...

 Picture Two:  Whadjya say Carolyn?  Who's coming?  (See him back there behind me?)

Picture Three:  That crabby little man came over to tell us that we couldn't touch the flowers unless we bought them. What the deuce??  What if we wanted to buy a bundle?  I like to touch and snif my choices before purchasing (for me, this also goes for products other than flowers and produce)  "For sale only, why don't you understand," he said over and over again.  Luckily, I was with Carolyn who told him what was up...with her favorite finger.  And then I showed him what I REALLY wanted to do to his precious flowers.  Yeah!  Take that old man.


KrystleMichelle said...

Cauutee Shades girlie!! Thanks for visiting MirrorCheck!!

Fancy Pants said...

Never can go wrong with H&M! Thanks for stopping by!