Friday Night: Shake Like Bacon, Ice Cold It's Floored

Late post, but here none the less!  So last Friday I went to see The Grates with some of the McKibbs crew.  If you don't know the Grates, you muuuust check them out.  The music is super fun and loud and I'm 100% convinced that Patience, the lead singer, runs one million miles a day.  That chick is in constant leg flailing, arm waving, hip thrusting motion without any inkling of out of breathed-ness (that's a word).  I'd almost describe her stage presence/constant rocking as a bit Gwen Stefani-ish, but with a smile on the entire time.  The two dudes on guitar are quite handsome, and the drummer - talk about adorable with some kick ass skillz.  Anyway, I had meant to get some of my outfit before we left...but when you pre-party at home, so as to save money at the venue, all ambitions are quickly lost.  

That being said...I DID take photos at the show!  

she grabbed a dude from the crowd, climbed on his shoulders and had him walk around while she sang the song.  Bad Ass.

Oh yeah, and then she crowd surfed right out the back door to end the show.

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