Tues, July 20: Do Not Block Driveway

Top: Two dollas at Big D's Discount  I  Jeans:  NY&C  I  Heels:  Payless  I  Jeweled Cross Necklace:  Grandma  I  Other Necklace:  H&M
Photos:  Carolyn Bayas  I  Picnik Effects:  Boost with Rounded Edges
Location: 55th & 2nd Ave

What's today going to be about?  How about that this top was only $1.99 at Big D's Discount on 14th St?!?!  Yeah, $1.99.  So I got 3.  Of course, they're a bit poorly put together, but  I'm positive I can get at least 11 wears out of each one....so long as I don't wash them regularly.  Done.

Also, today was juuust cool enough to pull off pants.  Kind of.  Actually, I can't really say cause the only time I went outside today was to take these photos.  Except of course travel time to and from work, but that doesn't count cause I'm pretty close to the train both ways.  But either way...PANTS!  In NYC!  Right now!  What can I say, I'm a rebel....slash psychotic.

Another fun fact about todays outfit:  So as I was sitting on the train this morning, reading the second half of Marie Claire (which is actually the first half cause I read magazines back to front), I came across a full page editorial featuring jewel-encrusted crucifixes sewn onto dresses, bags and tops, titled:  "Bijoux - like every great altar of worship, the fall runways were blanketed in jewels."   And then I looked down at my necklace (thanks Grandma) and got really excited that today I was like, 10% hip.

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