Wed, July 21st: The Professor & Mary Ann

Top:  Thrifted, chopped off sleeves  I  Skirt:  H&M  I  Shoes:  Jessica Simpson  I 
Necklace & Ring:  H&M  I  Belt:  Diesel
Photos:  Tommy Chilcoat  I  Picnik Effect:  1960's
Location:  Central Park waterfall

I got this top a few years back at a Urban Jungle on Knickerbocker. I was drawn to its country girl / “Tammy’s in love,” (ah, Debbie Reynolds) / Mary Ann from Gilligans Island, kind of vibe (see collage below, yay!) I also loved the sweet ruffled collar and, now non-existent, sleeves. That’s right, this thing had sleeves. But I got hot and chopped them off. Just like that poor, poor jean jacket. It was so hot the other night (1,173 degrees) that I couldn’t get to sleep. So, since I was up, I turned on some food network and went through my closet looking for something to alter. Then I found it, this red gingham top that I hardly ever wear. And it had sleeves. SLEEVES. In this weather? How could it live like that? Grab the scissors!! Chop, Chop.  (Wow, I’m kind of a crazy person when I’m hot. Maybe I should talk to someone about that...)

So yeah, I hacked off the sleeves (technically I did it with a seam ripper, cause sometimes I’m classy) and am totally loving it. This weekend I’m going to rock it again, but with some cut-offs and pig tails and then take Bacall down to the crick and go fishin’ in my bare feet:

One more thing.  So, last week I wore THIS which, as I said then, reminded me of ferris wheels, carnivals and hot dogs. Or, a Victorian/vintage beach boardwalk scene (see below).  Notice how its almost exactly the same  as today's outfit?  Red and white top, black skirt, yellow pumps. However, the different style of skirt and pattern of shirt change the vibe of the outfit drastically. OK, maybe not drastically, but you know, they make two different impressions. Which, is one of my favorite things about fashion – same color schemes / different textures + different patterns = bajillions of new, sometimes unique, looks, not to mention an overflowing closet. Oh god, and then there’s the shoes and accessories!

Here's the other collage for your enjoyment.  See what I mean about the vibes?  man?

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