Mon, July 19: Urban Jungle

Top:  H&M  I  Skirt:  Banana Repulic  I  Belt:  H&M  I  Shoes:  H&M  I  Jewels:  Fab gifts from a) my Gma and b) my guys mama  I  Shades:  H&M (what?  it's like 3 blocks from my office)
Photos:  Tom Chilcoat  I  Picnik filter(s): Vignette & Orton-ish
Location:  Sutton Park on 54th St  (spot the FDR Dr sign over my shoulder)

How amazing is this necklace against this top!  

I kind of look like I'm in a jungle.  
You know, the kind of jungle with benches to relax in after a hunt...or something

A few things:
1.  I missed 2 posts last week.  Tuesday and Friday.  No pictures, no post.  And, go figure, they were my two favorite outfits of the week.  Well...besides Thursday when I wore my new shoes, which, as you see, I also wore today.

2.  I have no full body shots from today.  You can't see the shoes with the outfit, or the outfit with the shoes.  Grrr.  So forgive me for that.

3.  I love playing with picnik and don't think I'll ever find just one filter that I love enough to be consistent, so I'm giving in to the fact that each post will look different. Maybe I'll even TELL you what filter I used.  Ok - so I'll do it for a few and see if it gets annoying.  That being said, I DO want a consistent layout.  So bear with me as I figure out how to make all my photos the same size (apart from the default s, m, l & xl settings) and decided on general layout.  Gracias times 20.

4.  I cut my own hair last week and its kinda short (for me) but I'm diggin' it.  Also, for some reason I think I want bangs again.  Except I HATED every minute of them last time, so I don't know what kind of crazy pills were slipped into my PBR.  Plus, it's taken me 9 months to get them this long (I cut them last Halloween because I had it in my head that the teased red hair and bump-it , leopard leggings, ridiculous top and heels weren't enough) so I'm gonna need someone to hide the scissors.

Oh - here you go:
This is my sista Sara (Betty Boop) and me (Peggy Bundy) and of course, Bacall's booty (French Prostitute, see below for her full body shot)

Unforts I don't have a shot of her full flapper dress - but you know what one of those looks like.  
She had fake 'benjamins' stuffed into her collar.