Wed, 9/22: Flripes? Storals?

Skirt:  Target  I  Top:  H&M  I  Shoes:  BCBG via DSW  I  Necklace:  H&M
Photos:  Carolyn Bayas (on her bday)  I  Picnik Effect:  NONE
Location:  52nd & Sutton Place Park

Stripes and Florals!  Yay.  Love it.  Done. 

Also, today is Carolyn's 32nd - WAIT!  I mean -  23rrrrrrrrd - Birthday!  Yes, that sounds better.
Happy Birthday Chuchi!! 

As you know, Carolyn is my personal photographer. As you might NOT know, she is also my favorite Puerto Rican.  Oh, and I think besides my mom, she's the shortest person I know.  Or, I'm just a giant. 
See for yourselves:
Anyway,  Happy Birthday to a gal who is one of the best friends, best moms, best dancers, best work buddies, best listeners, best shoppers, did I mention best friends?  Best, best, best, best everythings I know.   

I'm serious about the best dancers part.  I only wish I had a clip of one of the moves she busted out with the other day.   Love you mama!!  xoxoxo


Abi said...

Happy birthday Carolyn!
I absolutely love the rustic look of your shoes and necklace! You look great

Natasha said...

I love it when people mix florals and stripes...and you took it even a level further with the funky necklace and amazing shoes!! I love it!