{skirt:  thrift  I  top:  h&m  I  jean vest:  gap  I  heels & shades:  target  I
longhorn belt buckle turned necklace:  ebay}
if you've just joined us, today we are talking about altering, two favorite parts of this outfit which, you guessed it - have been altered.  

first, my necklace.  back story:  i purchased this belt buckle off of ebay last year in honor of chris.  i felt at the time confident in the fact that he liked me and thought i was hot stuff but still wanted to, you know...impress him.  he loves texas, as, all...texans do.  loves everything about his home state - and i'm talking EVERYTHING.  so, in honor of him, i bought this longhorn belt buckle, hoping that when he saw me wear it i'd get to see him flash that super sexy smile.  i think it worked.  anyway - this morning as i was rifling through my jewels i saw this guy next to this chain from my grandma and BAM - necklace.  i love it!

two.  this skirt.  whenever i wear it i cant help but think something is off.  cut to me in the bathroom at work primping - i'm pulling it up, pushing it down and finally im like OH SNAP!  i'll just tie it up!  i'm not going to lie, throughout the day this little knot was in the back, on the left side,  the right side - at one point i had two knots above each knee.  i settled for the middle cause i liked the small train it left me in the back.  

altering your clothes is the best.  an old piece is new in two seconds....or throughout an entire day. 


Melina said...

I absolutely love the idea of using an old belt buckle on a necklace!! How ingenious! I'm definitely going to be searching for a vintage one now so I can try.

xx Melina

Sara said...

Great blog! :)

If you like my blog, follow me and I will follow you back. :)

Dresses for Dinner said...

That necklace is GREAT and I love the tied up skirt. I've never seen it on a skirt before.

cuteredbow said...

Really beautiful outfit ! Love your style and blog !