{dress:  gma/altered  I  leopard top:  f21  I  boots:  miz mooz (maybe?)  I  belt:  thrift}

its been so long i think i forgot how to write a post.  you know, like what to talk to form a sentence...pun.ctu ation.

har har.

ok - how about this:  i got my hair did ya'll.  normally i just hack at it myself but i saved up a few bucks and took myself to the salon like a big girl.   i also put a sock in the mouth of my better judgement and went ahead and got some bangs.  i think im almost already regretting it but they looked aight today, so we'll see.

b.  this is a dress from the gma - altered.   i hacked off the sleeves and a few feet off the bottom, ripped out the elastic waist and voila.  the waist is still a bit awkward and hangs a bit but if i just ignore that part this little jammy is the perfect weekend dress!  (aka too short for work)

thats it.  better luck to us all next time.


Gina Michele said...

I love the bangs! Whoever cut them did a great job.

Very cute dress as well!

♥ Gina Michele

Anonymous said...

love the bangs!

great photos, too. very playful and fun! :)

The Daily Fashionista said...

Your bangs are looking smashing!!