Leopard (x2)

{jean vest: gap/altered  I  leopard top:  f21  I  skirt:  asos  I  heels:  target}
these photos are super blown out because i don't know what i'm doing when it comes to the photo shopping.  i'm thinking its ok because all you're looking at are the puppies anyway.   henry is getting BIG, no?  he's a cute little hanky pank.   kind of the best, most loveable goober you'll ever meet.   and then of course the bacall is a sweet little lady.  best girl and boy dog around, i'll tell you that much.

on another note, i'm a bit nervous to be posting regularly again (not that two posts = "regularly")  as someone might start to catch on that i've been wearing this leopard top with everything.  and when i say everything, i mean everything.  even my bathing suit.  and under my towel after a shower.   basically, it's become a second....skin. 
get it? 
cause it's leopard?

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Between Laundry Days said...

Mmmm, I love the warm fall colors and layers here. So good!