Priorities & Sisters

 {top:  jcrew  I  trench:  f21  I  jeans:  ny&c  I  heels:  asos  I  scarf:  thrift}
you guys I have a few words about these beautiful, beautiful shoes.
(make sure to click the links below to see better pictures) 

so back in july i spotted this post by bri of designlovefest and  thought to myself,  i need me some orange shoes. so I found them on asos & threw them in my “save for later” cart for when I had $40 to spend on yet another pair of kicks.  

cut to a few weeks ago:  bri puts up one of her consistently, deliciously fresh style posts where she not only tells her BAJILLIONS of admirers that they are from asos but she LINKS RIGHT TO THEM.

OH SHIT!  i click hard on the link, log in and literally throw myself into the monitor, grab the shoes against my breast and curl into the fetal position so no other cyber shopper can get to them.  get it together!  i say to myself (seems i'm doing a lot of that lately) but unfortunately, i wasn't able to buy the shoes for myself so naturally, like the ridiculously irresponsible, yet somewhat well dressed gal that i  think i am…i call my sister who asks no questions, passes no judgment and buys me the ONE PAIR of shoes that will make my entire existence mean anything.  i should also tell you that these were the last pair in my size.

i might have a problem. 

so thank you sara.  i love you like a crazy girl loves her orange shoes and this post and my first born are dedicated to you.  aren’t they pretty?!?!

you can go ahead and cash that check now.


Between Laundry Days said...

I'm kind of obsessed with this outfit. '60s mod and awesome in all the right ways.

Natasha said...

This is very French Chic...I love it! That head scarf is a fantastic print!

Natasha ~ Required2BeInspired

TeTe said...

Love this.. with the orange heel.. perfect.